Beach front Condos for Rent in Destin, Florida: What Renters Want in Their Vacation Condo Rental  

Being located inside Pelican Beach Resort, vacationers often stop in to tell me about the condo they picked or the one the reservationist picked for them. The discussion focuses on the inside of the condo and the convenience of the location.  We also talk about other places they have stayed, and they seem to have one common concern, i.e., the inside of the condo.  My advice to renters would be to pick your own condo and if you plan on coming back ask to see one that you have seen online prior to booking again if it is available for viewing.

This is the one special time of the year that vacationers want to feel spoiled and pampered.  At Pelican Beach Resort condos are rated standard, deluxe or premium.   Most want a premium unit.  The complaints I get are about the standard and deluxe units.  Usually, they have old mica counter tops, original cabinet doors and old appliances or a missed matched grouping.  Some of the deluxe units may have granite but leave the rest of the condo outdated.  Having carpeting in the primary areas is a real turn off for most people.  In fact, tile or lVT in the entire unit is preferred. When you think about how many people stay in these units it is wise to have flooring that does not harbor dirt and possible allergens. Keeping carpet in the unit will cost you more in the long run as it does not last. Leaving 1996 furniture in the unit and not keeping the paint fresh is also a big strike against and owner.  Dark furnishings in an interior unit do nothing to compliment the light factor. The coastal approach in decorating is best.   People often comment they love the “beachy” feel of the unit.  It is typically not what they have at home and they enjoy the change.

I often get complaints about the sleeper sofas and the mattresses.  If your mattresses are old replace them with a nice supportive quality.  For bunk beds the hybrid-gel mattresses are becoming popular. Just make sure you measure your space first.  Cover and protect your mattresses.  It will keep you from having to replace a mattress shortly after you just bought it! Update your artwork if it is from 1996.  A beach theme is preferred over tigers, lions and leopards.  Get rid of green plastic plants.  All they are is dust collectors.  Often, I find large palm trees by a sliding glass door. All that does is darken the room and it detracts from getting the full view of the beach.  They are not popular now.  It really is money that could be spent on a nice picture.

There are a lot of owners in Pelican Beach and the Terrace at Pelican Beach who have done a beautiful job updating their units.  Guests tell me they come back every year to the same unit that is updated because they know what they are getting and love the unit.  There is no real big secret to getting repeat business.  Keeping current with the times and trends lets the renters know you appreciate their business by making the unit the best it can be.  Wouldn’t you rather hear, “That unit we stayed in was everything we had hoped for and then some, instead of “that unit was so outdated and horrible. I will never go back there.”

The biggest mistake that condo owners make in decorating and updating their unit is not following the trends and decorating strictly to their personal tastes that might be fine for where they live but not so much here in Destin. 

Keep the renters smiling from the first point of entering the condo until the time they leave. The best compliment you can get is, “I don’t really want to leave! I love this place!”